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We are regarded as industry leaders in digital strategy and solutions, focused solely on optimising your business.
Core Services:
  • Mobile Technologies for data gathering purposes.
  • Online Portal providing an end to end operational system.
  • Reporting and exporting of data.
  • Automated sim card data bundle recharging facility.
  • Additional consultative services
  • GIS (Geographic Information Systems) services
BJ Survey:
BJ Portal:
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Possible Applications of our solutions:

GIS planning for many various spatial reporting and visual representations of landscape tied in with Statistics gathered from various sources including demographic information from Stats SA and overlay important detail with survey’s for refreshing insights such as store viability and success etc.

Mystery Shopping for various industries and have in-depth experience on all levels from custom rollouts such as integration to client portals to complete End to End capturing and reporting system all meticulously managed by our proprietary Survey solution.

We offer high levels of quality built into the software but also high standard of trained Correspondents used for Field work.

Audit/Inspection services all catered by the very same proprietary Blue Jackal Technologies system.